Alan Brown and Johnny Fleury formed Mistake Theory in mid-1998. The initial inspiration was from Trip-Hop bands like Massive Attack and Portishead, quickly growing to encompass a range of influences from UK drum n'bass to industrial electronica.

Vocalist Sonya Todd joined soon after, and Matthias Sudholter arrived late 1998 adding a human element to the rhythms.

A 5-track demo was recorded. We decided to gauge Internet interest on The results were unprecedented, gaining an Artist Spotlight on and huge interest globally and here in New Zealand.

Recording continued and we released a self-titled CD early 2000 which is available for preview and purchase below, or from Bandcamp: Since that CD was released, we completed three other songs which are also included on the Bandcamp site.

Mistake Theory are no longer active as a band, but that doesn't exclude the possibility of future recordings. Watch this space...
Review from 'Real Groove' mag:

"Auckland group 'Mistake Theory' have attracted international attention, and in their case this support is fully justified. Since 1998, Alan Brown (keyboards), Sonya Todd (vocals), Johnny Fleury (samples and guitar effects [sic]) and Matthias Sudholter (percussion and didgeridoo) have been working together on the tracks that have now surfaced on their self-titled debut album. With similarities in their trip hop/electronica style to Massive Attack and Tricky, their atmospheric beats are soothing and optimistic, with added bursts of drum and bass, all wrapped up in Todd's rich vocal style. Mistake Theory (Raven) is a cruise-control-paced excursion into what's good about home recordings..."